How can we provide the highest quality cleaning services?

Our value system is based on Customer Service. Our mission puts service and people first:

Using knowledge and innovation, we offer a continuous improvement value for money service, while enhancing life for our clients and staff.

Why Creative Cleaning Services Ltd.?

By working with us, you will benefit from:

  • A superior cleaning and facility management service company
  • Combined 35 years of experience within the service industry
  • Best value for money without compromising quality
  • Excellent customer care throughout our relationship
  • High calibre committed team supporting you and your needs
  • Respect for our staff through highly ethical practices

Our History

Creative Cleaning Services Ltd. is a nationwide and progressive new cleaning company based in Mallow, Co. Cork. Our clients benefit from our teams cumulative 35 years knowledge and experience drawn from working in the cleaning industry in Ireland. Our director Ronnie Griffin has more than 25 years in operations and cleaning project management for some of Ireland’s most recognised brands.

After many years of experiencing how the Industry interacts with clients, we understand that companies in Ireland still value personal and regular contact with their service providers. We identified a need to provide a unique service in the delivery of cleaning and support services.

We felt a bold step was required to infiltrate a very competitive market. Based on this, Creative Cleaning Services Ltd. was born, and builds on improvement and innovation.

We have chosen the Griffin as our logo as it represents clearly our commitment to ‘Excellence Through Knowledge’; customer service being at the centre of our business. The Griffin portrays exactly our commitment to integrity and knowledge. We value strength, courage and wisdom, while delivering a combined quality cleaning and facilities service.

We achieve excellence through relationship building based on trust, understanding client needs, and providing value for money while respecting external market forces experienced by our clients.


We strive to make a difference in the contract cleaning industry. We only work with partners who share our business values, and follow our mission of excellence through knowledge. We know the importance of a high standard of contract management, and delivering a service to the finish. Knowledge is power. With this power, we guarantee the key elements of customer service and personal attention.

Aaron griffin

Director of Operations


Aaron joined Creative Cleaning Services on the 27th of March, 2017 as Director of Operations, he has 10 years of experience in the Facility Services industry specialising in industrial, commercial and healthcare. His Role within Creative Cleaning Services is to grow the business in this area and look after the day to day running of operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are based in the local community and we believe we have an obligation to support our local community. That’s why we support Cork Simon Community in their work supporting people to leave homelessness behind them and to become active participants in our community.

Homelessness is one of the single biggest social issues facing our country right now. Men, women and children are suffering – and there’s no end in sight to the situation improving anytime soon. People are losing their homes, unable to afford rent or mortgage repayments. Their lives are falling apart and becoming ever more isolated and vulnerable.

Cork Simon Community is often the last hope for many people – the last open door when all others are slammed shut. Home should be a place of safety, warmth, protection and belonging. For people to rebuild their lives after homelessness they need more than a roof over their head. They need a home and the wherewithal to keep it. No less will do.

That’s why we work in partnership with Cork Simon – we offer training, work experience and work opportunities to people who have lost everything. Opportunities to have a role in, to belong to, and to be part of our community – and to have a real chance of finding a place to call home.

We’re proud of our association with Cork Simon and proud to be able to say that we help people to start hoping and dreaming again, to start rebuilding their lives and put the dark spectre of homelessness behind them.